Ranat Ek - Instrument

Ranat Ek – Virtual Instrument – The sound of Thailand

Etched sounds is proud to introduce Thailand’s historic and evocative Ranat Ek.

Etched Sounds presents the Ranat Ek in unprecedented detail, never sampled in this depth until now…

The Ranat Ek (ระนาดเอก) is a tuned percussion instrument from Thailand. It is one of the instruments that forms part of the Piphat ensemble, which is renowned for playing Thai classical music repertoire and accompanies traditional Thai theatrical and dance forms. The Ranat Ek has 22 wooden bars which are either played with soft or hard mallets. There are a set of wooden bars which conform to the the Thai tuning system and another set of bars allowing for western equal temperament music to be played, making this unique sounding instrument fit into western ensembles. Similar instruments can be found in Laos and Cambodia.

Etched Sounds has recorded a Thai percussionist from one of the countries leading ensembles, playing all possible temperaments and mallet types in a huge amount of detail, utilising multiple positions of high end industry standard microphones, creating a sampling world first in bringing you this evocative and perhaps unrecognised temperament and sound to your creative work. We really are excited to hear how and where you use this library!

Main Features

  • Contains 4 instruments
  • Each instrument has been recorded with professional multi-mic setup, Warm, Classic, Overheads, Room options with individual volume controls and sample on/ off switches
  • 6 velocity layers
  • 5 Round Robins for every microphone position
  • Built in High and Low Pass filters
  • Built in Tremalando module
  • Built in effects section containing Convolution reverb, Delay, Limiter, Transient Designer and Lo-fi effect.
  • Recorded at 48 kHz / 24-bit resolution
  • Requires a FULL version of Native Instruments Kontakt – version 5.8.0 (R36) or higher

Download the Ranat Ek Manual here


Audio Demos


This wonderful sounding instrument was perfect for what I was looking for…

“I was looking for some authentic Thai instruments, especially tuned percussion, and came across the excellent Ranat Ek from Etched Sounds. This wonderful sounding instrument was perfect for what I was looking for. It’s flexible with the tuning featuring traditional Thai tuning as well as Western tuning, and there are a wide selection of mic positions. It is exquisitely recorded and sits well in any mix, plus the instrument has an array of effects. The tremolo feature is also incredibly useful. Highly recommended! I can’t wait to see what Etched Sounds produce next!”

Richard Jacques (Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Overwatch 2, Mass Effect, James Bond 007: Blood Stone). Ivor Novello award-winning, GRAMMY® and BAFTA nominated composer.

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